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What is a sex doll?

Sex doll,also called love doll or real doll, is a sex toy, similar in the size and shape of real human, including sexual stimulation (realistic vagina, mouth,anus) and other part of the body(hand, leg, head,body). These dolls not just got a skin-like sense, but also can give you a variety range of experience for sexual fun. In most instances, they have metal skeletons and external makeup attributes, which allow you to control sex dolls with variety of positions to have more real fun, instead of having sexual with real human. (If you need, click here to buy sex dolls online: )


Who invented the sex doll?


Sex dolls have come fora long time.The demand for man madewomanpartner has been around for hundreds of years. Some of the original sex dolls were invented by Dutch sailors in the 17th century,these dolls, made from sewn cloth or old clothes, are a direct precursor to today's sex dolls.During Rangaku, the Dutch sold some of the dolls to the Japanese, so the sex dolls is sometimes named "Dutch wife". However, many people still believe that Hitter invented the sex doll during the second world war to keep Germany race pure. There is no reliable sources to prove that thing, and now, most of historian consider it dump the people with rumor. 


Sex doll features                

Dolls come in all shapes and forms.Beginning from mini sex dolls to life-size sex dolls weighing up to 40kg.Some of them are really small and light. What make you more amazing is that sex toy manufacturers have been starting to sell sex doll torsos.  For the price of a full-size doll, the sex doll torsos is more affordable for most people. Obviously, different types of dolls have their own pros and cons.So we try to analyse sex doll features from three main characteristics : material, size and price.




Materials for making high quality dolls are mainly divided into two kinds, one is TPE material, the other is silicone material. You may have searched the Internet to find out what difference between TPE and silicone dolls.So, after you read this ariticle, you're going to understand this better, and by now, you're going to know what is a TPE and silicone sex doll.


TPE is a mixture of plastic and rubber, so the skin usually feels better.This material is more popular for many reasons.For beginners, it's obvious that it's much cheaper, and that's something many people would consider.


Silicone material is more expensive than TPE, because silicone is more durable in use,it has long service life.Besides ,you can handle hot baths with silicone sex dolls ,it has heat-resistant attributes.Finally,Veterans who play silicone sex dolls often say the skin of silicone sex dolls feel more realistic than TPE.


If you have any doubt about what I said, you can buy two materials by yourself and try them out.Of course, you don't have to buy two dolls to test, after all, the price is not cheap.So you can buy a doll part made of different materials.Try it out for yourself and you'll believe my advice.



Secondly, you should consider the size and weight of the doll you want to buy.When a doll is less than 100 cm tall, they are often called "mini dolls".The advantage of mini dolls is that they are extremely convenient to use and can be placed anywhere in the home.Some life-size sex dolls weigh as much as 40 kilograms, and at first glance, a heavy doll may not seem like important.However, this is sure to be a big trouble and it will take a lot of effort to move her.Before buying a life-size doll, it is important to consider your physical strength and energy.


If you are very confident about your physical strength, then you can try a 40 kg real life doll.Otherwise, I suggest you choose a doll under 40 kg.If you buy one for the first time, it is better to purchase a moderate doll, 30 kg to 40 kg dolls are a good choice, there is a good balance between reality and comfort, so they are more suitable for beginners.


As for the height of the sex doll, you should consider how much space you have to store the doll.Mini-dollunder 100cm is easier to hide and store, so if you don't have a reasonable storage space, such as a special cabinet, then mini-dolls are more suitable for you.However, if you have enough space, you can customize a cabinet for your doll and put it in your house, then a full-size doll is definitely worth considering.


·Sex doll price

The price of dolls is mainly determined by the material and special size, and the cost varies greatly among different dolls.A high-end sex doll costs more than $6,000, a mid-range sex doll usually costs about $2,000, and if you find it too expensive to afford, you can find a cheaper doll for $500.Anyway, how much money you should spend on a sex doll depends largely on your budget.


What a feeling to have sex with sex doll?


Modern tpe and silicone sex dolls feel just like real things.They feel soft and realistic to touch.Facial features and body parts are made from real women and tend to be enhanced to satisfy your needs.If you want a bigger tits or a stronger butt?They are the proper thing that you like.

Kiss can feel very real, the face is very soft, her mouth can open, you can put your tongue in, feel her feelings.The breast of sex doll can be very soft and squeezable,as well as fuller hips.

The vagina of a good sex doll will make you feel so real, you will feel completely satisfied with sex, you even think it can replace a real woman.This may or may not be good.Because real people can give you feelings that dolls can not.Of course, you can have feelings for the real doll, but it won't talk to you.So, you still need a date.


The future of sex doll


"In 2006, Dr Henrik Christensen, President of the European robotics network at the royal institute of technology, predicted that humans would have sex with robots" in the next five years ".Today, TPE and silicone technologies are so mature,the manufacturers produce the love dolls more realistic, almost like a real person.Unfortunately, these TPE & Silicone dolls do not have artificial intelligence functions, and cannot fully meet human needs.With the development of technology, robot dolls have been developed.An expert surveyed by the pew research center predicted that robotic dolls will become ubiquitous by 2025. And robot sex doll will become more and more popular in the future."Love and robot sex: the evolution of human-robot relationships," artificial intelligence expert David levy confirmed that robot will fall in love with humans and make themselves romantically attractive and sexually desirable to humans."

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