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Socks ManufacturingGuideline


Socks are a very important clothing piece, even if a lot of people just take them as something complement. But in fact, it brings in front a lot of value and quality rather than solely protect your feet in cold seasons. It is to say socks are capable of assisting you to make agood impression as long as used properly. Not only that, you may use socks as a tool for conversation pieces as they are visually impressive among a whole lot of people. 

Some socks companies prefer to manufacture custom logo as it deliverssound profits. Others socks manufacturers find the approach to be a bit costly but even so, the return on investment could still be quite considerable as a whole.

The cool thing when it comes to the socks design is that it can be crazy or simple as you want it to be. Of course, you may perhapsbe very professional and create some very challenging design.However, the fact is some people just want personalized dress socks, while others just want to stand out with some crazy models. There’s always an opportunity to stand out if you have the right socks design, and that’s the true thing toenable an experience well worth the effort.

Identify the suitable size

As for the size, the normal practice is that the width of the standard socks pair is about 168 stitches, while the length would dependon the overall size, that’s for sure.

Some socks designswork on small size and some on large size. Therefore, you may need to figure out exactly the type of socks you want to wear. It can take a little bit of time, but it will surely be worth it to opt for this type of approach.

There are 3 types of socks that you may turn to custom logo socks. They are the low cut sport, the angle dressand knee-length socks. The first oneis for recreational orheel; the next oneare more suitable for daily situation and the last one needs to provide more support to your knees and your feet as a whole. Though they could be a little bit heavier, it’s safe to say that they are more powerful and helpful than the other two designs. You may see them are selected in some drastic occasions such as sports or cheerleaders socks manufacturers .

In all, the socks design needs to match the sock size. Otherwise, the socks design would be very strange in that size. In fact, this can be a rather challenging thing that you need to address before settle down your socks design on a specific size. Consulting with the manufacturers would be a good idea to avoid this.

Select socks based on differentoccasions


When you manufacture custom logo socks or any personalized dress socks, there are some rules that need to be taken into account. First and foremost, match your socks with your overall attires. It is to say the socks that you wear need to match your pants and your shoes. That doesn’t mean you must have a 100% match, but you need something that helps you express your identity without looking rambling and casual in some official occasions. Of course, entertainment hours would allow you to go as you like.

Also, there are other rules that you have to take into account. For example, the socks need to merge the shoe and pants in a meaningful way. That’s why you need to take your time when you are attracted by a design. Not all designs will match your vision and the occasion.So you have to be very picky in regards..

The dress socks areindispensable in our daily livesas wemay need them when we go to a special event or things like that. This type of socks tends to have very neutral colors, such as all black or all gray. Aside from that, you can also have a pattern on the socks. The pattern could be classic argyle, which is pretty much a set of geometric shapes. Though it’s not the ultimate style or the perfect set of visuals, it’s still looking greatand it does bring in front some rather impressive and unique features that you want to take into consideration


Sports socks can be absolutely suitable for our custom logo socks. These are designed with the idea of cooling your feet off after drastic sports andtrapping heat in cold days, not to mention their first property--comfort. The fact is you may easily adapt the design to the way you see fit as this kind of socks put their focus on functionality. But if you do want to put a design here, it has to be very interesting and downright specific.

Socks patternsand socks manufacturing

The socks patterns may differ from each other based on a variety of things when color was considered. The neutral socks are perfect for example if it comes to a formal event. This is to say a simple and neutral socks design is more suitable to formal events. Though it doesn’t make them stand out, still work well to enable it to be adapted to your suits and shoes. It’s a rather unique and distinct approach that not only saves your time but also avoidsyou from adding too much distinctiveness and value into the mix.


It’s a very good idea to use patterns too. In fact, the socks design with prints or patterns are widespread nowadays. Hence, your suit needs to match with alight color or even a set of colors. It does make a lot of sense to opt for this wearing style because it’s distinct, rare and it does bring in front a huge range of options without bringing too many challenges to the table.

Patterned socks are nice in looks because they follow the same pattern throughout the production process and bring in front some nifty ideas right off the bat. Then you have to think about all the unique features and challenges that you need to take into consideration. You are free to wear whatever that may suit you taste, but if you select patterns, you can stand out and be very appealing at the same time. Even some casual attire would enable you to stand out if you have a unique and outstanding socks design in place. All you need to do is to avoid the regular patterns.

Settle down your socks’logo

This mostly comes down to the types of logo that you have and the type of socks that you are working with. Some of the sock types may be very impressive and visually attractive. But at the same time, you do need enough space if you want to add a logo. This is why most of the custom logo socks are designed to be large in size and the logos on their own are pretty small.

But in the end, it all comes down to what yourfavors. Each socks design is designed to be simple, interesting and it brings in front some of the unique features that truly impress you. It’s important to take your time and identify all the possible options.Don’t be panic if you happen to be incapable in producing the logo on your own. There are some factories such as our companies—Yhao socks are capable of OEM for clients worldwide.In all, value and quality are critical as they bring the best customers experiences and sound profits.

How do custom logo socks be manufactured?

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After settle down your desired pattern and relative details, then you must need to decide how to make them manufactured. The first option here is that you may weave the socks with a certain pattern or image, which can be really a good option. However, it can be challenging to weave small lines or figures. Though some of them can be added after the socks are manufactured,but they may not deliver the same looks as you desired. So, you have to identify the right look for them beforehand.

Once you have both socks designsand patterns ready, the next step is weaving a sample in the factory. A sample is indispensable before it comes to the mass production in case it might be unsatisfactory for both sides. Sampling in this wayenable you to see whether they work or not. Some trial, quality inspection and error test can be well arranged to see if everything melds.



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