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If you are seeking a reliable moving company in Lagos, you have come to the right channel. This blog post will furnish you with the tips on choosing the best and reliable moving company in Lagos. We have movers in lekki and movers on the mainland

Moving is a pretty stressful and overwhelming activity. Not only that, it is quite expensive and time-consuming. This is where moving companies come in. The purpose of using the services of moving companies in Lagos is to make the process of moving fast and less stressful.

However, you have to know how to choose a moving company you can trust. With a wrong moving company, there is a high probability that things could go bad. It could be a nightmare if we cut corners and make poor judgment all in a bid to save money. This is why we laid it on ourselves to furnish you with proven tips on choosing the best moving company in Lagos Moving company .                                              

How to Choose a Reliable Moving Companies in Lagos

The following tips will guide you on selecting a reliable moving company in Lagos that you can trust

  1. Make Thorough research

It is not enough to get recommendations from friends and families in choosing a moving company in Lagos. You have got to make your personal research. Rather than choosing to just trust the first moving company that pops up on Google, make your research.

Verify all recommendations and be diligent. Seek for clues on their webpage that shows that they can be trusted. This could be in form of recommendations, rewards or awards. A proper research can save you from choosing a bad moving company

  1. Check the History of Operations

In your research as well, you should care to know how long the moving company has existed. In your search, you will be able to determine if the moving company you are considering has exhibited the kind of moving you have in mind before.

Asides the years they have been in operation, search for information on their webpage. It could be a good pointer to the caliber of the company you are dealing with.

  1. Search For Reviews and Recommendations

If you are dealing with a professional moving company in Lagos, chances are they have done business with people before. As a result, check with colleagues, relatives, friends, families, and real estate agents.

These classes of people can be very helpful in providing feedback about the particular moving company you chose to subscribe to.

  1. Verify that the Mover is insured

Before dealing with any moving company,


it is important you determine if they are insured. You can get this information on the moving company’s website. Asides insurance, you also want to be certain that your moving company of choice is registered.

You want to be sure the moving companies in Lagos that will be handling your properties are professionals. You do not want to hand over your properties to a bunch of guys who do moving as a side hustle.

  1. Branding

Before giving your consent to any moving company, confirm that they are reputable. This can be seen via the branding on their trucks, branded moving boxes, staff uniform and documents. Also, if you are dealing with a professional moving company in Lagos, they should have a company bank account.

Being asked to pay into a personal account is a pointer to unprofessionalism. Be sure to confirm the logo, government registration etc.

  1. What is Included in their Rates?

Be sure to carefully study the rate presented by the moving company of your choice. That they offer you low rates doesn’t mean you will have a moderate final bill. Know what you will be paying for and be aware that rates do vary with seasons and days of the week.

Determine if you qualify for better rates when moving on particular weekdays as opposed to others. A moving company with a moderate rate likely has a good reputation

  1. Get Written estimates on Bids

Let us assume you have contacted a couple of movers in Lagos and you already discussed. Make sure you request for the final bid in writing. This bid contains the full estimate of what you discussed. A reputable moving company in Lagos will include all the details of your discussion in their quote.

How detailed they are, is a pointer to how they will handle your properties when you eventually hire their services.


Hiring a moving company is a critical decision that you cannot afford to joke with. Think of it, the fact that all your personal stuff will be handled by a total stranger is enough to make you very careful about the moving company you eventually consider.

As a result, in selecting various moving companies in Lagos consider the reputation, speed, customer services, reviews etc. With diligent research, you can select a trusted moving company that will make your relocation a smooth process. is a trusted and reliable moving company in Lagos. I have recommended their services for my clients a few time and the reviews are outstanding.

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