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How to Start Your Own Flat Iron Line?

Flat iron, also known as straightening iron or hair straightener, is an electrical device used to straighten the hair, and crimping irons, used to create crimps of the desired size in the hair. With the rapid development of technology and the increasing demand for human, the flat iron is regarded as one of the most popular hair styling tools, and there are more and more people are thinking of their own flat iron brand and launching their flat iron line.
But do you know how to start your own flat iron line? How to make your own flat iron? What things should you consider before creating your own flat iron brand?
When you search these questions on Google, you will find that it’s hard to find some useful and exhaustive answers. But don’t worry, let’s Hongsen private label flat iron manufacturer help you to do it. Now you can follow these 9 steps to learn how to start a flat iron line and brand your own flat iron successful. After the reading, you will know how to design your flat iron and how to get your custom hair straighteners how to start a flat iron line .

You might think that straightening iron is simply, well, flat. However, the edges of these hair straighteners would affect their versatility. If the plates and the outer edges of the flat iron are slightly rounded, it will be easier to make the transition from your iron to a pincer. Flatiron with sharp edges is less adaptable but can provide a somewhat smoother hair.

Generally divided into V type and X type, the early popular X type, but in recent years V type is more popular. Because the V-shape can not only straighten the hair, but also the streamlined hair straightener can be used for curling. More and more hairdressers use hair straighteners for curling, whichever you want to manufacture, it depends on your market positioning and customer base.

X-shape flat iron   V-shaped Flat Iron

Hair straighteners are divided into wide, medium, narrow and mini types according to their size:

The length of the straight hair straightener of the wide hair straightener is generally 90MM (about 3.53inch), and the width is 38~50MM (about 1.5~2inch);

The length of the straight plate of the middle plate is generally 90MM (about 3.53inch), and the width is 24~38MM (about 1~1.25inch);

The length of the straight plate of the middle plate is generally 90MM (about 3.53inch), and the width is 24~38MM (about 1~1.25inch);

The length of the straight plate of the narrow plate is generally 80-90MM (about 3.5inch or more), and the width is 10-15MM (about 0.4~0.6inch).

The length of the mini straight hair plate is generally 60MM (about 2.4inch) and the width is 10-15MM (about 0.4~0.6inch).

Note: As wider the plates, the faster you can straighten your hair. Of course, if people plan to travel with the flat iron, then they will want a little more narrow plates that can easily fit in the bag. Women with fine hair may also find that the wide plates apply too much heat, damaging the hair shaft.

The materials of the heating plate are different, and can be divided into the pure ceramic plate, aluminum ceramic coating plate, Titanium plate, Tourmaline plates, Titanium ceramic coating plate, and microcrystalline glass plate:

  • Pure ceramic plate irons combine value and efficiency, offering uniform heat for most hair textures. Some straighteners, however, only have the ceramic coating. Eventually, ceramics wears away, leaving him with an iron distributes heat unevenly or not at all. Other benefits are environmental protection, good insulation performance, and good safety. The disadvantages are long processing cycle, many processing steps, and very smooth hair in the process of straightening the hair.
  • Aluminum ceramic coating plate irons are easy to produce, and because of the mechanical forming, the edges are smooth and do not rub the hair. Since the surface is sprayed ceramic glazes, pull hair was also very effective. The disadvantage is that because it is a metal, it is not insulated by itself, and the internal heating element should be insulated to avoid potential safety hazards.
  • Titanium flat irons are quickly heated by applying higher temperatures more evenly. These irons tend to be more expensive, and you do not need titanium iron unless you have thick, very curly hair.
  • Tourmaline plates are excellent for damaged hair. Sometimes called ‘ionic plates’, these plates produce more negative than positive ions, reducing frizz and sealing the hair shaft.
  • Titanium ceramic coating plate is made of the durable titanium plate, and the treatment of ceramic glaze makes the surface smooth and does not pull the hair. Since most people don’t understand the difference in the material of the board, it is considered that the ceramic plate is the best plate for hair. However, from the production, transportation, labor cost considerations, titanium ceramic glazes straightening iron is the hair straightener is the most widely used, cost-effective plate.
  • The microcrystalline glass plate is less adopted, mainly in the surface smoothness is not as good ceramic glazes, in addition, it is not easy to form and fix, and the product structure should be redesigned.
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