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Handled formula for hair loss

There is a formula that decreases hair loss caused by nutritional deficiency. It contains: exsynutriment 100mg, biotin 10mg and vitamin C 45mg.

It can be handled in a pharmacy for a total of 30 capsules, which should be taken one a day, preferably before breakfast.



Exsynutriment (organic silicon) improves elasticity and increases the strength of hair strands.

Biotin and vitamin C

Biotin - the maximum dosage the human body absorbs per day is 10mg - stops hair loss more quickly, and vitamin C, which is an antioxidant, slows hair aging, as well as enhances immunity, Most people 45mg of this vitamin is unusual because they are accustomed to taking at least 500mg of it in effervescent tablets, although the human body does not absorb more than 40mg of it a day, and what exceeds that amount is eliminated by the kidneys by means of urine - the assets in general (not only vitamin C) when taken orally, are in an amount a little larger than that absorbed by the body, because it is considered possible losses that occur along the gastrointestinal tract .

Biotin stops hair loss relatively quickly, though it is often not the only one needed to treat hair loss caused by lack of vitamins and minerals.

How to take

This formula uses fewer components than the supplements you buy at drugstores to treat hair loss. The ideal is to take it with industrialized supplements, such as stetic hair and the exímia fortalize, that have other assets that are also important to treat hair loss.

Both have vitamin C and biotin in the composition, and if you take them to remove the first of the formula manipulated, which will be cheaper. However, do not have biotin removed, as both stetic hair and the exímia fortalize have low dosages of it, around 30 micrograms (or 0.03mg), and the human body absorbs up to 10mg per day.

Exsynutriment is present neither in the stetic hair, nor in the exímia fortalize. It is not a very cheap asset, so the manipulated formula is not either.


The response to treatment comes on average after fifteen to twenty days, but each organism has biological individuality, some respond faster, others take longer, and in a percentage there is no difference, even because hair loss is multifactorial, not always provoked due to nutritional deficiency.


For those who have had or have cancer (and remission) and those with autoimmune diseases such as lupus erythematosus and multiple sclerosis, any supplement can only be taken with the advice and permission of the doctor in charge.

Considering who does not have chronic health problems, taking the formula will not cause problems, however, it may not give the expected return if the fall is not due only to nutritional deficiency.

It is important to seek the assistance of a trichologist to investigate the cause of hair loss, and treat it properly.

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