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China Butterfly Device Company

ZhengFeng Device Party, created in 1991 with give attention to manufacturing Water valves, including get a grip on valves, managing valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, check always valves, and air valves.Device sizing 1/2” to 88”, ranking BS 10bar through BS 25bar, served covering houses & structure, waterworks, fire security and a number of other fields. After development of 26 years, today the organization products services and products to over 30 nations and regions on earth and becomes among the major vendors of water valves in China.

Production Plants & Tools

Plant in Binhai Industry Region (Yancheng), room part of 141500 sq meter, developing area 80000 sq meter. Over 300 units of generation & test equipments.

Plant in Huangdu Business Zone (Shanghai), space area of 12000 sq meter, making area 20000 sq meter water valve supplier .

Worker & Revenue

- Over 650 employees

- More than 25 Million USD

Significant Approvals


- ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001


Checks & Inspections

- Metallography test 

- Compound composition check

- Diaphragm whole life test

- Device minimal pressure check & high pressure check

- Level depth check

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- AutoCAD, Solidworks, FEA (Finite Aspect Analysis)

- Over 30 patents for utility designs

- More than 5 patents for creation

Great Functions

In Nov. 11, 2008, Associated with Hu jintao - the former Chairman of China, ZhengFeng's controlling manager joined a meeting about cooperation between China and the US in USA, Hu extremely recognized ZhengFeng because of its sprite and aspiration of autonomous innovations

In Sep. 14, 2011, Followed closely by Wang qishan - the vice Chairman of China,ZhengFeng's controlling director attended a conference about Caribbean deal in the Spain with ZhengFeng's managing director, Wang fully confirmed ZhengFeng's development methods of Industry-Academy-Research Cooperation, and he prompted the company to produce greater achievements in equally domestic and international markets.
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